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Provide affordable and accessible housing - man standing in his kitchen with cup of coffee Man in wheelchair playing tennis taking a swing at the ball Woman communicating in Auslan with a friend in a cafe Kids playing with science toys at a table in their classroom. A girl and boy, aged around 5. Woman in a bakery wearing cap and apron sliding freshly baked buns into a tray holder Woman with disability is in her front yard patting her dog while a carer watches on Woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is sitting at desk across from two lawyers A family of dad, mum, sister and two little brothers are in a park together feeding pigeons A senior woman in her wheelchair is sitting outside in a garden A boy with down syndrome is standing up celebrating and laughing in St Kilda, while his carer watches on An asian man who is blind sits on the floor of his lounge room while his young son climbs on his back - they are both smiling A young girl with disability is running across a sporting oval smiling A man with disability is standing in his front yard in front of a picket fence. there are roses in the background. A woman who is a carer is talking a young man with disability who is in a wheelchair Three kids around aged 5 are playing with colourful plastic bowling pins in the schoolyard An Aboriginal woman is holding her young grandchild in her arms. They are both looking at the camera and smiling.Click here to download all 16 posters

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  • Full Platform
    Read the full Empowered Lives advocacy platform for change, endorsed by more than 30 Victorian disability and social service organisations.
  • Easy English Summary
    This version of the Empowered Lives platform uses simple language and grammar, minimal punctuation, a basicĀ font, layout and design, and clear images that add meaning.
  • Priority Actions
    Don’t have time to read the full platform? We’re all busy people. This document provides a short list of the Empowered Lives platform’s recommendations.

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  • 1: Empower and advocate with people with disability
  • 2: Ensure safety and freedom from violence
  • 3: Build strong families and relationships
  • 4: Develop accessible journeys and inclusive places
  • 5: Provide affordable and accessible housing
  • 6: Support health and wellbeing
  • 7: Deliver educational equity
  • 8: Create jobs and support economic participation
  • 9: Uphold rights in the justice system
  • 10: Nurture a strong disability service system